This September hundreds of educators, policymakers, NGOs, business and community leaders will gather to tackle global competence at the 2018 AFS Global Conference. Connected by a joint understanding that global competence is an international priority across sectors, these stakeholders will learn, collaborate and debate at pre-event workshops, keynote addresses, panel discussions and dynamic results-oriented small group collaborations, complemented by networking opportunities and an inspiring expo of best practices.

The topics explored at the 2018 AFS Global Conference are organized into five highly engaging tracks, so attendees can customize their experience and maximize their takeaways. Read on to find out all about the thematic tracks in the focus of the 2018 AFS Global Conference!

A perfect setting for this global event: Budapest

1: Defining global competence as an essential 21st century skill

Alignment and collaboration are essential to developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy for global competence education and training at all levels. This track will clarify the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in policy development, creating education frameworks and tools, and funding.

2: Empowering primary and secondary school teachers

Sessions in this track will explore how to better prepare primary and secondary school teachers to incorporate global competence in their curricula and lesson plans. This track will also tackle the impact of the latest OECD PISA assessment of global competence on teacher education.

3: Fostering global competence in the workplace

Participants in this track will define how to create truly intercultural learning environments, programs and curricula that foster global competence and cross-cultural collaboration in higher education, NGOs and professional settings.  

4: Global competence in non-formal education

NGOs, study abroad, and non-formal education providers have a key role in supporting lifelong-learners’ global competence development. This track will feature some of the most innovative approaches to global competence education through the use of state-of-the-art methodologies, study abroad programs, virtual exchanges, blended learning opportunities and more.

5: Aligning all stakeholders

Different stakeholders around the world are already making strides in advancing the global education movement. Sessions in this track will ensure meaningful alignment and collaboration among policymakers, funders, educators, employers diverse local communities, and others who contribute to the “learning to live together” movement.

2018 AFS Global Conference is organized in partnership with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Yidan Prize Foundation, Teach For All and the World Bank. Keynote speakers who will lead this powerful event include:

  • Dr. Andreas Schleicher, OECD Directorate for Education and Skills/PISA
  • Prof. Dr. Anantha Duraiappah, UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute
  • Mr. Clive Lee, Yidan Prize Foundation
  • Dr. Diane Robinson and Ms. Kaya Henderson, Teach For All
  • Dr. Vishakha Desai, Columbia University, AFS Chair.

The event is sponsored by BP and supported by our featured media partner, The PIE News. Register before 4 June to benefit from the early bird registration fee.