AFS Intercultural Programs and a distinguished international partnership of global education advocates convened the 2018 AFS Global Conference themed Global Competence: Our Future, Our Responsibility,” 26-28 September 2018, in Budapest, Hungary.


AFS Global Conference sets an agenda for global competence education worldwide


AFS awards outstanding champions of global competence and introduces $10,000 AFS Global Citizen Prize for Young Leaders


AFS launches four new initiatives to strengthen global competence education efforts worldwide

Global competence

is essential for 21st century schools, workplaces and societies. In our interconnected world, people must know how to learn, work, communicate and live together across differences. To do this, we must work together to define innovative and sustainable practices that lead to global competence.


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5 tracks to customize your experience

Make global competence an international priority at this first-of-a-kind gathering of stakeholders across sectors.

1: Defining global competence as an essential 21st century skill

2: Empowering primary and secondary school teachers

3: Fostering global competence in higher education and professional development

4: Global competence in non-formal education

5: Aligning all stakeholders around the world

Who should attend

Whether you are in a classroom, a boardroom or an assembly hall, we must work together across sectors and countries to share innovative ideas to set an urgent global competence agenda. Join us to make the 2018 AFS Global Conference a starting point.


Teachers from early childhood through post-graduate levels, international education and non-formal learning providers, plus youth organizers.



Academics, student leaders, experts in Global Competence Education.



Government representatives, international governing bodies and diplomats.

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Business leaders, community organizations, social entrepreneurs and volunteer leaders.


Discover the programme and meet the speakers who will lead this powerful collaboration

Now more than ever, we need talented people of all ages and from all backgrounds prepared to think critically, communicate across differences and lead in diverse settings.

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“If we don’t get global competence right, we are building our education systems on sand.”

Dr. Andreas Schleicher, OECD Directorate for Education and Skills/PISA

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