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What will it take to empower more active global citizens determined to make their impact on the world?

Join us in Montreal to collaborate with doers, thinkers and funders working on viable solutions.

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Submissions are accepted until 15 April

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Let’s make global competence education a reality for young people everywhere.

Share, discuss and debate with leaders in education, NGOs, business, government, and agencies:
  • Winning strategies to bring global competence into classrooms and youth programs
  • How global competence improves critical thinking and problem-solving skills of leaders, employees and volunteers
  • Why the Fourth Industrial Revolution requires global skills not offered in 20th century classrooms  
  • Ways global education builds resilience to extreme ideologies and faiths that divide people
  • Cutting-edge study abroad programs that provide real-world learning opportunities for students from all backgrounds   
  • How global competence helps all stakeholders better connect resources and communities to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • The importance of media literacy and how social media energizes and hinders productive conversations on social activism, globalism and culture
  • Why a diverse and inclusive workforce leads to business innovation and ethical decision-making
  • Creative ways corporate social responsibility is changing the world

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Who should attend

Whether you are in a classroom, a boardroom or an assembly hall, we must work together to find common ground to integrate global competence into formal, non-formal and informal education for learners of all ages.

Educators & Students


NGOs & Youth Leaders


Policymakers & Government Representatives

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Business Leaders & Social Entrepreneurs


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Faith Representatives

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Global competence makes the world work better together.

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News & Articles


Latest global competence articles

  1. DSC05536.ARW_

    I am a Global Citizen

    Who would have thought two simple words—global citizen—would cause such an emotional debate around the world. Perhaps one reason, says global trendcaster Josh Bershin of Deloitte consulting firm: “While the idea of being a “global citizen” is attractive, it turns out that citizenship is a very local thing.” I agree.
  2. 52338444_2018179851568957_3569137485336281088_o

    Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matter

    AFS knows that global competence is a must—but we have to work even harder to ensure that others also appreciate why young people need these essential skills. Global competence holds the power for the future.
  3. b41a111b-3d22-40b7-a7ac-d71cb6fbeb7c

    Leading Tech Innovation and Girl Empowerment in Ghana

    Regina Honu is the founder and CEO of Soronko Solutions, a software development company, as well as the Soronko Academy, Tech Needs Girls and many other initiatives. In 2018, she became the first winner of the AFS Global Citizen of the Year Award.

News about the AFS Global Conference

  1. h-register-today

    AFS Global Conference Will Explore New Ways to Educate Global Citizens

    What will it take to empower more active global citizens determined to make their impact on the world? This year, the AFS Global Conference will tackle the tough challenges, opportunities and resources required to bring global competence education into the classrooms, youth leadership and study abroad programs.
  2. DSC04269

    AFS Global Conference sets an agenda for global competence education worldwide

    AFS convenes more than 450 leading educators, researchers, business leaders and policymakers to push for more global competence education at a time when “globalism” is under attack, and nationalism is on the rise.
  3. 20160922_cge_tony-jackson-5_0

    Taking education to a global scale can’t be left to chance

    Interview with Dr. Anthony Jackson of Asia Society who addressed hundreds of leaders from different sectors who gathered at the 2018 AFS Global Conference under the topic “Global Competence: Our Future, Our Responsibility” in Budapest this September.

2018 AFS Global Conference

Global Competence: Our Future, Our Responsibility

Budapest, Hungary | 26-28 September 2018

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