An opportunity to kick-off the AFS Global Conference experience with hands-on activities and practical tools for global citizenship education, these workshops are led by Conference partners renowned for their work. From field trips to case studies, the Pre-Conference Workshops will set the tone for our discussions and inspire new connections among the participants.

Get the most out of your conference experience by joining us for a pre-conference workshop. Select a half-day workshop or combine them for a full-day of professional development while networking with colleagues.

All pre-conference workshops will take place at Centre Mont-Royal on 9 October. 

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Tapping the Power of Story Circles: UNESCO's Methodology for Developing and Practicing Global Competence 


UNESCO has successfully piloted a methodology for developing and practicing intercultural competence worldwide. Join this pre-conference workshop to experience this innovative methodology of “Story Circles,” a structured yet adaptable tool that can be used in many different contexts, including formal and non-formal learning settings. Participants will experience and practice specific elements of intercultural competence, including the power of listening for understanding. The workshop will conclude with action planning for using the methodology in participants’ own contexts.

Session leader: Dr. Darla K. Deardorff

Starts at: 9 am

Developing Dialogue Skills in Teens to Explore Identity and Diversity  

by Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Only 26% of teachers globally feel well equipped to navigate diversity in their classroom, finds the 2019 OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS) report, concluding that teachers should be able to “treat diversity as an asset and a source of growth.” In this hands-on workshop, delegates explore how Generation Global, a pioneering global education programme for 12- to 17-year-olds, uses dialogue skills to help students safely explore diversity; experience the power of facilitated dialogue as a tool for exploring identities; and consider ways in which such approaches can be used to address difficult and challenging issues.

Session leaders: Dr. Ian Jamison, Gina Del Tito

Starts at: 9 am

Leveraging a Collective Leadership Approach to Promote Global Competence

by Teach For All

Teach For All has analysed classrooms and communities that are defying the odds in some of the most marginalised communities across the world to develop the “Collective Leadership and Learning” model. This immersive session will use these insights to reflect on what has most shaped our own development, and the implications for how we individually and collectively approach the task of empowering all students to become thriving global citizens. 

Session leaders: Jude Heaton, Morayma Jimenez

Starts at: 9 am

The Empathy to Impact Approach: Tools and Frameworks to Embed Global Competence Concepts into Curriculum 

by Inspire Citizens

Inspire Citizens’ successful Empathy to Impact approach helps educators to embed active global citizenship, service as action, and community involvement initiatives into a pre-existing curriculum. The workshop will explore how delegates can replicate this approach and learn from the Global Impact School framework that includes strategic planning, building of internal capacity for sustainable education and impactful action for the local community. Participants will have hands-on experience with tools to foster diversity in schools and walk away with a tangible plan to transform their schools, classrooms, and student outcomes.

Session leaders: Steve Sostak, Aaron Moniz

Starts at: 9 am

Global Competence For All: Effective Tools for All Learners, Anywhere, Anytime!

by AFS Intercultural Programs and Sentio Global Education Network 

Discover practical ways to integrate global competence into your curriculum and programs, making it more accessible to all. Backed by recent studies validating its effectiveness, the AFS Global Competence Certificate Program (GCC), is a blended learning program that develops intercultural competence, supported by facilitated reflection and discussion. In this half-day workshop you will try out the GCC tools and resources that can be used with learners in any context, program type or duration: global or local for two weeks, two months, or two years. Delegates will experience facilitating the GCC and learn how to use it in the classroom, with colleagues or for their own personal development. 

Session leaders: Linda Stuart, Molly Stern

Starts at: 1 pm

Gaming and Education: Case Study & Field Trip to Ubisoft Montreal HQ

by Ubisoft

Games and gaming culture are increasingly reshaping how young people experience education and are slated to have an even bigger impact in the future. A world renowned gaming company, Ubisoft is opening its studio space for a field trip and interactive discussion on why they view global competence as crucial for their team worldwide. Discover how Ubisoft sees gaming as a key part of 21st century education, how they encourage social responsibility of their employees by tackling the UN Global Goals, and why the future of work requires both interculturally fluent and professionally competent employees.

Starts at: 1 pm

All pre-conference workshops will take place at Centre Mont-Royal on 9 October, starting at 9 am. 

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